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  • Marij Staessens

How to find the perfect freelancer for your assignment?

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

In a world of growing flexibility and specialization, freelancers are increasingly being used to carry out a variety of projects and tasks. Whether you need temporary reinforcement, an expert for a one-off assignment, or a stand-in during holidays or illness, freelancers can be a valuable addition to your team. But where can you find the right freelancer for your assignment? In this article, we explore different options to find the perfect candidate.


01. Freelancer Platforms - The Affordable Choice

Various online platforms such as Fiverr, Malt, and operate as a virtual freelancer marketplace. Compared to traditional recruitment agencies, these platforms offer a cost-efficient approach to finding a freelancer. The process is generally simple: as a client, you subscribe to the platform. This allows you to advertise your project(s). Once your ad goes live, you can track its progress, receive updates or search for interesting profiles.


  • Wide choice: With countless freelancers available, there is a good chance that you will find a suitable candidate.

  • Competition: The large number of freelancers on these platforms results in competitive prices and bids.

  • Cost savings: This is generally a more cost effective option compared to recruitment agencies. Subscription €199 or €399 per month Free for clients Free for clients commission of 10-15% on the total sum of the assignment

Fivvr: commission of 5% on the total sum of the assignment


  • Lack of Quality Control: Due to the abundance of freelancers, it is difficult to guarantee quality.

  • Limited Attention: Some freelancers can be overloaded with work, which can reduce their availability and attention to your project.

These platforms are ideal for situations where your budget is limited and you want to explore many different options. They are also suitable for simple projects that need to be completed quickly. The big advantage is that, unlike a recruitment agency, you do not have to pay any extra costs on top of the freelancer's fee when you select a suitable candidate.

02. LinkedIn - your platform of choice to find a freelance professional!

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for finding specialized professionals, including freelancers. You can quickly find freelancers and perform an initial screening using the search function. You can target suitable candidates using keywords like "freelance digital marketer" and filters such as location, connections, educational institution, industry and service categories. The most significant advantage of LinkedIn is the ability to view profiles, save profiles as a PDF file, send in-mail messages or make connections. This allows you to quickly and efficiently contact potential freelancers without extra costs.

You can use LinkedIn Talent Solutions and subscribe to Recruiter or Recruiter Lite for more advanced options. LinkedIn Recruiter (Lite) is best suited for small to medium-sized businesses with low-volume recruiting needs. With LinkedIn Recruiter, you get access to advanced search options that enable you to find the right person quickly. You can build precise searches based on various criteria, such as location, job titles, and skills. LinkedIn Recruiter's advanced system will also suggest suitable candidates and automatically recommend several similar profiles when you indicate that a match is good. This functionality also works the other way around: LinkedIn Recruiter will no longer recommend similar profiles if you suggest that a candidate profile is not suitable. In addition to the advanced search functions, you can use other tools with LinkedIn Recruiter to help you find the right candidate. One example is InMail. It allows you to approach candidates with whom you have no connection; hence, you don't have to wait for the candidate to respond to your vacancy.

Costs: A monthly subscription to Linkedin Recruiter Lite costs €170.

03. Hiring a recruitment agency - The more expensive solution.

Although more expensive, recruitment agencies offer high expertise and support in finding the right candidate for your job. These agencies have the experience and resources to find qualified freelancers through various channels, including their network, job fairs and social media. Recruiters thoroughly screen candidates based on their CVs, cover letters and other relevant information before scheduling an interview to discuss their competencies and preferences. The main drawback of using a recruiting agency is the cost structure. In addition to the fee for selecting suitable profiles, you also pay a percentage on top of the freelancer's daily fee. A digital marketing freelancer who charges €585 per day will easily cost you between €643 and €672.75 per day.

Costs: Determining the cost of staffing a vacancy through a recruitment agency is challenging. There is a variety of agencies, each offering different services and prices. However, in addition to their fee for selecting suitable profiles, they all charge a percentage of 10-15% on top of the freelancer's daily rate for the entire duration of the assignment.


Whether you choose a cost-efficient platform, LinkedIn's targeted network, or the expertise of a recruiting agency, each option has its pros and cons. With the growing flexibility of freelance work, it's essential to use various resources to find the perfect match. Consider your budget, the nature of the project and the required competencies when selecting the right tool or agency to find your perfect candidate.

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