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Digital Marketing

In need of a digital marketing consultant who can skillfully steer your project from inception to completion? Look no further! As an independent digital marketer, I'm ready to assist businesses with various aspects, including setting up and managing creative marketing campaigns, implementing a content strategy, SEO optimization, and social media marketing.

La Lorraine Bakery Group 

Campaign marketer


La Lorraine Bakery Group, a Belgian family business, is home to several renowned brands such as Panos, DONUT worry be Happy, Panesco, and La Lorraine.  Their search for a digital project manager to oversee Bakery Fresh brand activation campaigns led to me joining their team as a freelance marketer.

To improve the effectiveness of previous campaigns, we conducted a comprehensive analysis and redefined key performance indicators (KPIs). Collaborating with an external agency, we crafted a fresh look and feel for the campaign while refining the activation concept. The result was a vibrant and dynamic campaign aimed at youth movements and young individuals.


In my role as a digital marketing consultant, I provide assistance and guidance to organizations across various aspects of their digital marketing. Here are a few examples:


Do you want to promote your company, product, or service with a catchy campaign? From developing the initial creative concept or activation idea to executing the rollout and analyzing the results, it's my cup of tea!

Content Marketing

An effective content strategy ensures that your brand story resonates with the target group. I'm here to support you in crafting a digital media plan and choosing the most suitable formats for sharing your company's story.

Digital transformation

If you're planning to launch a website, implement online marketing and communication tools, or optimize SEO and CRO, I can help you identify areas for improvement, implement digital marketing tools, and build your team.

Find out more about freelance rates, establishing collaborations, and gaining insights into industry trends and developments relevant to freelancers on my blog page.

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