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  • Marij Staessens

My step-by-step plan for setting up and maintaining your social media.

As a self-employed social media manager, I offer a complete service to handle your social media needs. This includes creating engaging content, implementing strategic approaches, managing your online community, and using boosted content to ensure a substantial growth in likes, followers, shares, and overall brand interaction. In this article, I discuss all the necessary steps for getting started and maintaining a successful social media presence.

To professionally manage your social media with content that perfectly suits your target group, we go through a few steps to gather insights and get off to a good start.

Step 1: Questionnaire and Research

Using a short online questionnaire, I collect as much information as possible about your company, products or services and target audience. I also conduct my own research into current news items, facts and figures that interest your target group.

Step 2: Analyzing your accounts

In this phase I delve deeper into your social media accounts and examine some crucial aspects. It gives me essential insights such as who your followers are, when they are online and what interests them. Additionally, I evaluate your competitors, analyzing the content they share on social media.

Step 3: Optimize your accounts

Are your social media accounts up to date? From a powerful header for Facebook or Linkedin to an engaging bio, well-thought-out hashtags and relevant Instagram Stories – these are some key components that require continuous attention to maintain a fresh and professional appearance.

Step 4: A content calendar and content mix

I draw up a content mix based on the analysis of your social media. A good content mix consists of 20% product content, such as posts about your brand, products, services, mission and vision, and promotional campaigns. The other 80% consists of entertaining content, such as user-generated and influencer content, and fun, emotional content that fits your brand story. I plan all these elements in a clear content calendar.

Step 5: Creating a visual identity

When building a powerful online presence, visual consistency and recognisability play a crucial role. The use of the same font, identical colors and corporate identity creates a harmonious whole that generates trust and recognition. My approach often starts with developing a mood board, a visual sketch of what your social media posts and/or Instagram feed will look like. I will discuss this mood board in detail with you to ensure that our ideas and implementation are aligned. Then I start creating the necessary templates and story buttons. This way I ensure that your posts and Instagram feed get the desired look that fits perfectly with your brand identity.

Step 6: Write and publish your posts

I create your posts and get them ready for publishing using the 'Planable' tool. This involves writing an appealing caption, adding a nice photo, relevant hashtags, and links. Afterward, I send you and relevant team members invitations to read and approve the posts.

Setting up and maintaining your social media involves a fair amount of work, but once these initial steps are done, everything will run smoothly. Your social media will consistently feature entertaining content, I make sure to engage with your followers, and I aim to boost the growth of your accounts. All you need to do is give the green light for your posts to go live.

In this article you will find some examples of social media packages with a target price*.

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