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For many small and medium-sized businesses, it's just not feasible to have a full-time employee for every task. As a virtual assistant, I'm here to provide support in a variety of areas, including marketing, social media, administration, and e-commerce.

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As a virtual assistant, I can help with various tasks, including:

  • Keeping your social media platforms up to date

  • Setting up and managing social media advertisements

  • Copywriting of e-mailings, blog articles, press releases, ...

  • Creating layouts for printed media, presentations, and other visual materials

  • Organizing photo/video shoots and influencer collaborations

  • Maintaining your website or webshop, including SEO services

  • Community management

  • Managing e-commerce activities (placing orders, updating products, after-sales service, ...)

  • Administrative support (drawing up quotations/invoices,  agenda management, ...)

  • Assisting in the organization of corporate events

I provide online services with flexible options, starting from just 1 hour per week. Depending on the scope of tasks, I will provide you with a customized quote. Are you interested in collaborating remotely? Let's talk about how I can assist you. Schedule your free appointment here.

Interested in learning more about using an online assistant, setting up a collaboration contract, or freelancer rates? You can find all the information on my blog page!

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